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Several dumps containing data about the structure, demographics and evolution of a sample of Flickr groups obtained via this service. The dump includes daily snapshots of groups since their registration to the service, including the following data: number of users, number of admins, number of photos, throttling type, privacy type, moderation type (1 - 2). For a subset of 9360 groups, supplementary data is available collected between June and July 2009, including: two snapshots of the unique IDs of the entire population of each group; two snapshots of the unique user IDs of the contacts of each group member; two snapshots of the unique group ID of the affiliations of each group member. A table with a summary of social network metrics for this selected dataset is also available, including the following measurements calculated on the network of group members defined via contact links: average of (directed) user indegree, average of clustering coefficient, proportion of reciprocated links, average membership spread (number of other group affiliations per member). The table also includes data on group membership turnover between the two snapshots: number of new members and number of lost members (3). Fresh datasets can be obtained on demand from the Web service.


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